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Crombie Lockwood Building
Palmerston North

2016 START

Built in the early 1980s, the Crombie Lockwood Building is a 12-storey, octagonal office building in Palmerston North. For many years, significant leaks plagued the facades which bore the brunt of the prevailing weather.


Problem areas included the junctions either side of the columns and where the curtain walling met the cladding. Attempts had been made to find a solution without success. The only remaining option appeared to be the complete replacement of the curtain walling. A seven figure sum for each elevation and unusable offices for the duration of the replacement was far from attractive to the building owners.

However, innovative thinking utilising TRM WeatherAll® system resulted in the successful remediation of the first elevation in 2016. TRM was applied to all the junctions between the columns and the joinery, and the joinery to the cladding, over the entire elevation.


Following project completion all leaks on the elevation stopped. Two more elevations have since been completed. These three elevations were successfully completed at a cost lower than a single elevation remediated by conventional means, with the added benefit that the work could be done without disruption to the tenants within.

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